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The warranty for Ajax devices is valid for two years after the purchase date and does not apply to the supplied battery.

The Byrna HD launcher has a 1-year warranty. Using third-party projectiles or CO2 canisters with your Byrna HD will void your warranty.

The IMILAB surveillance products have a 1-year warranty.

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Additional information

Weight 0.274 kg
Dimensions 12.4 × 12.4 × 4.5 cm

● Hub Plus
● Hub 2 (2G)
● Hub 2 (4G)
● Hub 2 Plus
● Hub Hybrid (2G)
● Hub Hybrid (4G)

Radio signal range extenders
● ReX
● ReX 2


Jeweller communication technology

Proprietary wireless communication technology to transmit events.

It features:

● Two-way communication.
● Protection against spoofing.
● Block encryption with a dynamic key.
● Instant notifications.
● Remote configuration via the Ajax apps.

Frequency bands
866,0 – 866,5 MHz
868,0 – 868,6 MHz
868,7 – 869,2 MHz
905,0 – 926,5 MHz
915,85 – 926,5 MHz
921,0 – 922,0 MHz
Depends on the sales region.

Maximum effective radiated power
up to 20 mW
Automatic power regulation to reduce power consumption and radio interference.

Radio signal modulation

Radio communication range
up to 1,100 m
Between the detector and a hub/range extender in an open space.

Encrypted radio communication
All the data stored and transmitted are protected by block encryption with a dynamic key.

Frequency hopping
Prevents radio interference and jamming.

Operating components

Shutoff valve
Β½, ΒΎ, or 1" Bonomi Industries shutoff valve included in complete set.

Electric actuator
Opens or closes the valve.

Mounting platform
To install an electric actuator on a shutoff valve.

Mounting lockers
To fix an electric actuator on a shutoff valve.

There are two options:
● standard (pre-installed)
● anti-sabotage

Water shut-off - shutoff valve

Fields of application
● Water supply
● Heating systems

Operating fluid
● Hot and cold water
● Non-aggressive liquids

Material brass

Connection type and thread
F/F threaded

Thread size:
● 1/2β€œ (15 mm)
● 3/4β€œ (20 mm)
● 1β€œ (25 mm)

Operating liquids' temperature range
from +5Β°C to +120Β°C

Mounting platform
to mount an electric actuator on a shutoff valve
Complies with the ISO 5211 standard.

Lever on mounting platform
To manually shut off the water supply without tools in case of emergencies.

Water shut-off - electric actuator

up to 8.5 Nβ€’m

Operating pressure
up to 10 bars

Shut-off speed
up to 5 seconds
The value may increase if the valve is clogged or stuck.

Remote control
control and configuration in Ajax apps
Apps provide all information about the device: current valve state (open/closed), statuses of battery charge, external power supply, and communication with a hub.

Manual control
the control button on the electric actuator enclosure
Opens/closes the valve when pressed.


The device is designed for indoor use only. Contact a plumber to install the shutoff valve.


Protection against spoofing
device authentication

Communication failure detection
in 36 s
The detection time depends on the Jeweller or Jeweller/Fibra settings.

Tampering alarm
Notifies about attempts to detach the enclosure from the mount.

Mounting lockers for fastening
The complete set includes two options:

● Standard locker (pre-installed) β€” fixes an electric actuator on a shutoff valve. Removes easily for a quick access to the valve.

● Anti-sabotage locker β€” used instead of a standard locker. Securely fixes an electric actuator on the valve to complicate an unauthorized dismount.

Power Supply

Pre-installed batteries
4 Γ— CR123A battery
Up to 3 years of battery life.

Optional external power supply
7.5–14 VβŽ“, up to 1.8 A
The Recommended voltage of the power supply is 9 or 12 VβŽ“.The batteries serve as a backup when external power supply is connected



● 104 Γ— 140 Γ— 70 mm
Β½" (DN 15) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.

● 104 Γ— 150 Γ— 70 mm
ΒΎ" (DN 20) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.

● 104,5 Γ— 159 Γ— 70 mm
1" (DN 25) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.

● 93 Γ— 70 Γ— 95 mm
Electric actuator.

● 75 Γ— 27 mm
Β½" (DN 15) shutoff valve.

● 80 Γ— 32 mm
ΒΎ" (DN 20) shutoff valve.

● 90 Γ— 41 mm
1" (DN 25) shutoff valve.


● 869 g
Β½" (DN 15) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.

● 1012 g
ΒΎ" (DN 20) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.

● 1336 g
1" (DN 25) shutoff valve with an electric actuator.

● 536 g
Electric actuator.

● 333 g
Β½" (DN 15) shutoff valve.

● 476 g
ΒΎ" (DN 20) shutoff valve.

● 800 g
1" (DN 25) shutoff valve.

Operating temperature range
from 0Β°C to +60Β°C

Operating humidity
up to 95%


Black, White


Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale. Batteries are not covered under warranty.

Complete set

WaterStop Jeweller
4 CR123A batteries
Quick start guide


½” (DN 15, 15 mm), ¾” (DN 20, 20 mm)

Ajax WaterStop

Ajax WaterStop

R3,662.00R4,475.00 inc. VAT