How to protect your home from burglars

Even if the outdoors motion detector MotionProtect Outdoor is painted, the security system will alert you of the obstructed field of view.

How to set up a reaction to alarms

Watch the video to set up an alarm reaction for Socket, Relay, or WallSwitch. All the features of Ajax systems scenarios.

Ajax for business

The most important things about Ajax systems in terms of smart security business are a simple installation, reliability, user-friendly interface, easy escalation. As the result – huge sales.

The new generation of wireless security systems

We created a completely new security system. With our passion for science and love for art, we made it to be super-reliable, elegant, and easy to install and control our Ajax systems.

Byrna non-lethal self-defense demo 1

This video demonstrates the firing of Bryna projectiles and how the chemical powder disperses on impact. It also illustrates how a would-be assailant reacts to being shot at with the Byrna Black chemical irritant.

Bryna non-lethal self-defense demo 2

In this short clip, the effects of the Byrna Self-Defence launcher being used against a would-be attacker is shown. The assailant explains how the impact of the projectiles and the chemical irritant temporally affected his vision, respiration, and skin.

Can the Byrna solid rounds break glass?

This video demonstrates the velocity at which the Byrna Solid projectiles are launched with CO2 gas, by shooting the Byrna launcher at car windows.

How durable are the Byrna launches?

The Byrna HD launchers are not easily broken. In this video, you can see a large 4×4 vehicle driving over a Byrna launcher and then being fired. The Byrna also has the ability to be dropped in water and still work afterward.