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The warranty for Ajax devices is valid for two years after the purchase date and does not apply to the supplied battery.

The Byrna HD launcher has a 1-year warranty. Using third-party projectiles or CO2 canisters with your Byrna HD will void your warranty.

The IMILAB surveillance products have a 1-year warranty.

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The wireless MotionProtect Outdoor detects movement at a distance up to 3–15 meters.

The wireless motion dectector ignores pets with a height of up to 80 cm.

The wireless outdoor sensor operates up to 5 years without battery replacement.

Accurately detects people

LISA turns MotionProtect Outdoor sensor into a formidable barrier for intruders. The digital algorithm accurately identifies the movement of a person while ignoring animals, swaying of trees and plants as well as birds and insects that land on the detector.

Ignores all unimportant events

LISA analyses the similarity of signals originating from two sensors in two stages. If the signals appear similar during the first stage but the detected similarity is insufficient to trigger an alarm, the comparison of the spectral components is initiated. The latter prevents cases when trees and bushes sway simultaneously in the motion detector’s field of view.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A



Electro-optical radio channel security detector

Type of detector


Installation method



Operates only with Hub and Hub Plus

Sensing element

Two PIR sensors

Alarm signal delivery time

0.15 s

Motion detection distance

Adjustable, up to 3—15 m

Detection angles

Horizontal — 90°


Adjustable, 3 levels

Pet immunity

Weight — not relevant
Height — up to 80 cm

Power supply

2 x CR123A battery
Power supply voltage: 3 V
Battery life — up to 5 years
Mains supply: DC 12 V±20%

Jeweller radio technology

Communication range with central unit — up to 1,200 m in an open space
Two-way communication between devices
Operating frequencies — 868.0−868.6 MHz
Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 20 mW
Block encryption based on AES algorithm
Detector polling period — 12−300 s

Temperature sensor


Operating temperature range

-25°С to +60°С

Permissible humidity

Up to 95%


Grade 3 anti-masking
Protection against fraud
Jamming detection

Remote set up and testing



184x70x65 mm


318 g


Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale. Batteries are not covered under warranty.

Complete set

MotionProtect Outdoor motion detector
Two CR123A batteries (pre-installed)
Installation kit
User’s guide

Motion Dectector

Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor Sensor

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