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Not the right item? Amatron has a return policy of 14 days from the delivery date. Please note, returned products with damaged packaging cannot be swapped or refunded.


The warranty for Ajax devices is valid for two years after the purchase date and does not apply to the supplied battery.

The Byrna HD launcher has a 1-year warranty. Using third-party projectiles or CO2 canisters with your Byrna HD will void your warranty.

The IMILAB surveillance products have a 1-year warranty.

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Additional information

Weight 0.267 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 11.3 × 2 cm

Black, White


Control panels
Hub 2 (2G)
Hub 2 (4G)
Hub 2 Plus
Hub Hybrid (2G)
Hub Hybrid (4G)

Range extenders
ReX 2

Key Features

Panic buttons
auxiliary help
Sending an alarm or calling for help from the separate keypad tab.

Tag key fobs
Pass cards
smartphone (Bluetooth)

Contactless access
DESFire® EV1, EV2
ISO14443-А (13.56 MHz)

Access codes
up to 200 personal codes
One code per each user. The number of personal access codes depends on the hub model.
1 keypad code
Per each KeyPad TouchScreen.

Duress codes
up to 200 personal codes
One code per each user. The number of personal duress codes depends on the hub model.
1 keypad code
Per each KeyPad TouchScreen.

Codes for unregistered people
up to 99 personal codes
For people who are not registered in the Ajax system. The number of such codes depends on the hub model.

Arming without entering a code
The enabled feature allows the user to arm the system without entering a code or presenting the access device.

Group management
Changing the security mode of the groups to which the user has access from the keypad’s display.

Scenarios management
A separate keypad tab contains up to 6 buttons, and each one can control one automation device or a group of devices.

Indication of malfunctions and security mode
sound indication
If enabled, the logo lights up red continuously or when the system or group is armed. KeyPad TouchScreen indication is shown on the display only when it is active. Built-in buzzer notifies about alarms, door openings and entry/exit delays.

Fire alarm muting
Turns off the fire detectors alarm, including the interconnected alarm.

User pre-authorization
When the feature is enabled, viewing the current system status and control screen is unavailable. For access, the user must pre-authorize: enter a code or present a personal access device to the keypad.
Contactless authorization with a smartphone
A smartphone with the installed Ajax app and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support can be used instead of Tag or Pass to authorize a user. BLE is a radio protocol with low power consumption. The keypad supports Android and iOS smartphones with BLE 4.2 and higher.

Auto screen wakeup
The keypad wakes up automatically when approaching it. The approaching distance can be adjusted in the app.

Remote firmware update
When a new firmware is available, an admin or PRO with the rights to configure the system can run the update in Ajax apps.
The keypad must be connected to an external power supply to update the firmware.


6.77″ × 3.23″ × 1.02″

11.54 oz

Operating temperature range
from 14℉ to 104℉

Operating humidity
up to 75%


Diagonal: 5″

Matrix type: IPS

Resolution:480 × 854 px

Sensor: capacitive

Brightness settings
If Auto Adjust is enabled, the display brightness depends on the light conditions. This saves battery power.

Backlight lifetime
30,000 hours
Guaranteed backlight lifetime when the Always Active Display toggle is enabled. It can be adjusted in Ajax apps and activates only when external power is connected.

Power Supply

6 × AA

Calculated battery life
up to 1.5 years
With default settings and up to 4 interactions with a keypad per day.

Keypad’s operating voltage range
10.5–14 V⎓, up to 0.4 A
The batteries serve as a backup when the external power supply is connected.

Keypad’s nominal operating voltage
12 V⎓

Tamper protection

Unauthorized access auto-lock
The keypad locks if an incorrect code is entered or unverified access devices are used more than 3 times in a row within 1 minute. The lock time is adjusted by PRO or user with admin rights in the Ajax app.

Tamper alarm
Notifications on attempts to detach the keypad from the surface or remove it from the mounting panel.

Holding screw
To secure the keypad on SmartBracket.

Protection against spoofing
device authentication

Communication loss detection
after 36 s
Detection time depends on the Jeweller or Jeweller/Fibra settings.

Installation method


Complete Set

KeyPad TouchScreen
SmartBracket mounting panel
6 АА batteries (pre-installed)
Installation kit
Quick start guide


Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale. Batteries are not covered under warranty.

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